Oct 19th - Nov 23

An enchanted painting journey to the Sacred Feminine

"An amazing intuitive approach to painting that allowed me to have such a joyous experience and create revelatory art! This was my first painting class and it was perfect for me! I learned so much and I loved every part of this class and would highly recommend it! ..." Catherine Nguyen

With Michal Shimoni

Sacred Feminine Painting Journey

Hosting YAEL GILBOA who will lead the dance & movement sessions.

~Have you been longing to connect more deeply to your feminine power?

~ Would you like to explore painting as a pathway to self -discovery
and unlocking your innate gifts?

My 5 week course is a portal of transformation where you will have the opportunity to explore ways to reconnect with your primal knowing and connect to the sacred feminine within through movement, moon magic inspiration, color, ritual, fun and a lot of painting!

~Painting experience is not necessary~

1. Free lessons from ' Teen Portraiture' ' E-Course
2. Sacred Geometry & Movement -free lessons with Yael Gilboa

Got to watch the amazing paintings in the video bellow
  With Michal Shimoni

What Will You Learn

  • How to paint interesting backgrounds with rich layers of sacred geometry and stencils.

  • How to create gorgeous textures with crackle paste and special pastes

  • Learn an easy in- depth, step by step method to paint a vibrant and expressive feminine face

  • How to create an inspiring and sacred painting atmosphere

  • Listen and connect to your body wisdom through movement and belly dancing

  • Loosen up your creative energy

  • Moon Gazing

What Will You Receive?

  • Over 20, professionally shot, HD videos, yours forever.

  • A mini dance course - 5 additional videos

  • Weekly Course lessons in PDF form, delivered to your inbox for 5 weeks

  • Answers to your questions in a LIVE group session

  • Connect with your own Inner Divine Feminine as you paint 2 or more paintings

  • Access to a private Facebook a community of spirited, creative people from across the world, where you are invited to interact, and receive daily support and guidance from Michal and from Yael our dance priestess. This group will remain open and active after the course

  • Meditation audio

  • Inspiring music playlist

  • Moon Magic Inspiration resources

Moon Magic Material List

A great Investment In Stunning Paintings

I love to work with the best materials, I know it burns a hole in my pocket but it makes painting so much easier and fun and the outcome is magnificent.
Press Here
Moon Magic Material List


"l loved this course so much, and Michal is the most dedicated teacher
any aspiring artist could ever dream of, and really walked the
extra mile to make sure we all got the most out of this class!
I learned so much,
among other things the course helped me to find my own style of painting, and
I learned to be more brave and experiment and explore new techniques.
Michal’s calm and relaxed style of teaching, in combination with her authentic desire to
make every student feel seen and appreciated, made this class a wonderful experience for me,
and I would warmly recommend Michal’s classes to everyone who wants to make a huge progress in their painting
." If possible, I would rate this class a million stars
~Nina Wictorin
Yael’s dance routines are fun and easy to do, they create an amazing
amount of artistic boost to the classes providing a way to improve a solid link
between the physical body and our brains.
There are times in our lives when we may begin to neglect ourselves,
such as when we have children, or when we have been
in major accidents or falls. These practices increase our awareness of how much strength and power we still have and can keep increasing with simple daily exercise in addition to these fun routines.
We can use them for a boost in all our creative endeavors, including lifelong self-care.
~Beverly Dove
lucy H.Pearce, Burning Woman
  • Facilitators

    Moon Magic

    I started my formal art education at age 14 and continued in established Art Academies for fine art and art therapy.
    I exhibit in shows around the world, and teach art to children and adults.
    Art is my medicine I need to take as often as possible. It is also the medicine I have to give, by sharing my art and facilitate the space for others to try it.
    I have evolved in the last years and my paintings today come from an inner well, no planning, just opening and listening to what wants to come through me.
    It is a process of discovery in which I can find myself crying in awe. After studying art for many years it was a journey to find back my true voice, my inner vision and not just what I was told.
    I am grateful to be where I am now finding my joy in art and helping others find it.

    Michal Shimoni

  • Facilitators

    Moon Magic

    "My love affair with Belly Dancing begun over 20 years ago, and it has completely changed my life. Slowly it evolved from a hobby into a profession, as a performer, choreographer and a teacher.
    I teach contemporary ethnic dance, belly dance and body consciousness through movement; and do so with passion and a sense of mission since I myself had experienced the formidable effect it has on my connection to my body, femininity and inner happiness.

    Today I define myself as a creative artist, dancer, teacher, workshop facilitator, and yes, also a filmmaker, specializing documentaries and online video instruction"

    Yael Gilboa

    'Moon Magic' Dance Instructor

Michal & Yael

See You Soon

Michal & Yael