Ignite Your Creativity

Supported by Nature & Rooted In Your Body

Have you been longing to connect
more deeply with nature and with your own body?

Do you wish to tap into your aliveness and inspiration through painting?

This is an invitation to a 6+ weeks painting immersion,
We shall be listening to our bodies and paint
inspired by the messages coming from mother earth and our tree friends.

'Mother Earth'
April 5th-May 17th 2019

Michal Shimoni & Janice Rous Present

This course is a deep exploration of our personal relationship to the earth as our mother, we will allow our time in nature to be mysterious and alive with what we want to express visually of the earth as a gift of the feminine mystery, The exercises are jumping off points for you to dig into the personal gifts you receive from GAIA the living earth

We will celebrate together.
Create two big paintings and two small ones.
Listen to our body's messages
And feel alive

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'Mother Earth' <br>April 5th-May 17th 2019

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn to center your creative experience
    in the mindfulness experience rooted in the body

  • Connect to nature muses and inspiration

  • How to enhance your paintings with fascinating textures

  • How to create intentional mud in your paintings

  • How to paint a mature face and tree people

  • Paint more than just one face in a painting

  • Quick loose drawing of trees and figures

What Will You Receive

  • Live event with Janice and Michal

  • 32 professionally shot, downloadable HD videos, yours forever.
    8 of them are Body Dialogue with Janice Rous

  • Lessons in PDF form you can print to creat a workbook

  • Private Facebook Group to connect with Sisters from around the world and receive support and feedback from Michal and her loving team

  • Paint 4 paintings or more

  • Inspiring music playlist

  • ''Mother Earth' Inspiration resources

About 'Body Dialogue'

What else will you learn

I am honored and blessed to have Janice Rous with me, with us, in this course.
Studying with Janice in the class we will allow us to center our creative experience
in the mindfulness experience rooted in the body.
In body dialogue we are witnessing the somatic approach to our emotional lives.
This allows us to create from a embodied reality, she will help us remove our physical and emotional blocks and help us access our flow.
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Paint Tree People

I adore trees. I have always wished I could hear what they say
so I found a way to do that through painting and would
love to share it with you.
Janice will guide us to connect with the energy of the trees through our bodies. We will create two paintings of this subject.
Paint Tree People

Intentional Mud Painting

Let's Play With Mud

Learn what creates mud in a painting and how to use it to your advantage.
Learn how to use color;to create intentional mud.
Intentional Mud Painting

Easy and Fun drawing practice

Easy and Fun drawing practice


“Body Dialogue is an intuitive and nurturing practice. In sessions with Janice, I find that she has the ability to tune in and read my body, and decode the stories I may be holding that are affecting my experience. The work of Body Dialogue can help with both strengthening and with unwinding tension patterns. Body Dialogue helps me to stand upright, to breathe, to feel full and empowered and creative , to honor my ancestors who gave me the gift of incarnation. Through Body Dialogue I can track my felt experience and be a nurturing mother to myself. I can tend the garden of my body.”

An herbalist and violinist.

Madelyn Sovern

“Michal is the most dedicated teacher any aspiring artist could ever dream of, and really walked the extra mile to make sure we all got the most out of this class! I learned so much, among other things the course helped me to find my own style of painting, and I learned to be more brave and experiment and explore new techniques. Michal’s calm and relaxed style of teaching, in combination with her authentic desire to make every student feel seen and appreciated, made this class a wonderful experience for me, and I would warmly recommend Michal’s classes to everyone who wants to make a huge progress in their painting ." If possible, I would rate this class a million stars ”

Artist in Malmö, Sweden

Nina Wictorin

  • Facilitators

    Mother Earth

    I started my formal art education at age 14 and continued in established Art Academies for fine art and art therapy.
    I exhibit in shows around the world, and teach art to children and adults.
    Art is my medicine I need to take as often as possible. It is also the medicine I have to give, by sharing my art and facilitate the space for others to try it.
    I have evolved in the last years and my paintings today come from an inner well, no planning, just opening and listening to what wants to come through me.
    It is a process of discovery in which I can find myself crying in awe. After studying art for many years it was a journey to find back my true voice, my inner vision and not just what I was told.
    I am grateful to be where I am now finding my joy in art and helping others find it.

    Michal Shimoni

    Michal Shimoni
  • Facilitators

    Mother Earth

    Janice started to dance before she could walk. She started with modern dance classes at 5 years old. Her love was and still is improvisation but she trained at the Martha Graham School , NYU s Tisch school and graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 1972. At 19 she began her studies of the Alexander technique and created BODY DIALOGUE after learning Stough Breathing Coordination, Jungian Psychology and Body Soul Rhythms . Her work with Marion Woodman helped her understand the role of the emotional body expressed in subtle energy of the somatic body. Currently she teaches in New york, Israel and Ireland. She teaches an annual women’s retreat with her colleagues Jean Esther and Polly Howells www.reclaimingourlives.com for more information check out her personal site www.bodydialogues.com

    Janice Rous

    Janice Rous