May 25th - June 29th


Brenda Carolan & Michal Shimoni

Sacred Feminine Painting Journey With

We invite you to join us on a 5-week painting immersion where you will have the opportunity to explore ways to reconnect with your primal knowing and embody the Priestess through movement, magic, color, ritual, fun and a lot of painting! Painting experience is not necessary

Our beautiful dance priestess Yael Gilboa will lead the dance & movement sessions.
 Brenda Carolan & Michal Shimoni

Moon Priestess

Hosting Yael Gilboa Our Dance Priestess

The moon priestess is all about opening and deepening into the trust of who you are as a vibrant being connected to all. She teaches you to trust your expression as divine. To allow that frequency to flow out of you and onto your canvas
Moon Priestess

What Will You Learn

  • How to paint from a lite trance state

  • How to paint interesting backgrounds with rich layers of sacred geometry, symbols, and energy

  • How to add texture to the background with special pastes and glass beads

  • Learn an easy in- depth, step by step method to paint a vibrant and expressive feminine face

  • Create abstraction that capture energy and frequency

  • learn about energy symbols and where to source them

  • Embodiment of your inner priestess with movement and belly dancing

  • Set up sacred space for your inner moon priestess painting

  • Loosen up your creative energy

What Will You Receive?

  • Over 25, professionally shot, HD videos, yours forever.

  • 'Moon Priestess Activating' mini dance course - 5 additional videos

  • Weekly Course lessons in PDF form, delivered to your inbox for 5 weeks

  • Answers to your questions in a LIVE group session

  • Connect with your own Inner Priestess as you paint 2 or more paintings

  • Access to a private Facebook a community of spirited, creative people from across the world, where you are invited to interact, and receive daily support and guidance from Michal, Brenda & Yael our dance priestess. This group will remain open and active after the course

  • Two meditation audios

  • Inspiring music playlists


“ "Brenda is a brilliant art guide. She is intuitive at knowing what you need next and helping you get there. Just a few simple words and techniques from Brenda and my art went to a new level. Her gift as a teacher is held by the presence of her vibration as a healer and an artist. If you are in any way intuitive or sensitive, being in that type of presence with a focus on improving brings really fast results. But equally, if you are a beginner with art, I can't think of a better teacher than Brenda - thanks to her huge love and patience. Enjoy!" Lee Harris ”

Mentor, Author, Speaker

Lee Harris

“My work with Michal was beautiful and deep... she held sacred space and was fully present with me throughout my journey of exploration and discovery. She's a masterful artist and she guided me with little tips of how I can achieve the looks I'm going for. I highly recommend working with her, at any level of your artist journey”

CEO of TreeSisters, Business Mentor

Amrita khalsa

“Yael has been my dance teacher and mentor for the past 14 years. I came to her class after giving birth for the 3rd time, and my life changed. Dancing with her made me accept my body, enjoy it and cherish it. It fills my soul and pumps me full of adrenalin. It practically infuses me with life force. Yael has encouraged me to evolve from student to teacher and then to appear on stage, In recent years she is the artistic leader and choreographer of our dance troupe, inspiring our creativity and uniting us in a sisterhood of artistic expression.”

PreSchool Manager

Maya Haziza

Do You Feel Called?

  • Facilitators

    Moon Priestess

    I started my formal art education at age 14 and continued in established Art Academies for fine art and art therapy.
    I exhibit in shows around the world, and teach art to children and adults.
    Art is my medicine I need to take as often as possible. It is also the medicine I have to give, by sharing my art and facilitate the space for others to try it.
    I have evolved in the last years and my paintings today come from an inner well, no planning, just opening and listening to what wants to come through me.
    It is a process of discovery in which I can find myself crying in awe. After studying art for many years it was a journey to find back my true voice, my inner vision and not just what I was told.
    I am grateful to be where I am now finding my joy in art and helping others find it.

    Michal Shimoni

  • Facilitators

    Moon Priestess

    I am primarily a self taught artist. I have been painting for over 20 years. I started as a way to heal myself, filling volumes of art journals with paintings until I was brave enough to paint on canvas!
    The last 4 years, I deliberately chose teachers that paint from intuition, the soul, kinetic expression, energy, and the sacred feminine, I took workshops and classes from Flora Aube, Flora Bowley, Jesse Reno, and Deborah Koff-Chapin.

    My own expression comes from my intuition, my ability to feel energy and easily access the soul. I engage with the unique energy present at the moment of creation, and allow it to unfold organically. My passion is the search for truth, the energetic pull of beauty, the soul made visible.
    For me, painting is direct communication with the unseen. An invocation to cosmic forces and beings that inhabit multidimensional realms. The multiplicity of energy and spirit takes shape and assembles into vibrational forms. Vibrant healing energy is harnessed and channeled into the images. My paintings alchemically shift and heal the energy field of the viewer. They are medicine for the soul.

    Brenda Carolan

    'Moon Priestess' Facilitator

  • Facilitators

    Moon Priestess

    "My love affair with Belly Dancing begun over 20 years ago, and it has completely changed my life. Slowly it evolved from a hobby into a profession, as a performer, choreographer and a teacher.
    I teach contemporary ethnic dance, belly dance and body consciousness through movement; and do so with passion and a sense of mission since I myself had experienced the formidable effect it has on my connection to my body, femininity and inner happiness.

    Today I define myself as a creative artist, dancer, teacher, workshop facilitator, and yes, also a filmmaker, specializing documentaries and online video instruction"

    Yael Gilboa

    'Moon Priestess' Dance Instructor

See You Soon

See You Soon